Abundant Living


I used to add new posts to my blog on a regular basis. Then someone told me that if I blogged something, I would lose exclusive rights to anything I shared in my blog.

Perhaps this is true. I don’t know. Not writing for a blog because I might ‘some day’¬†write for publication is no way to live, though; I do know that. And here is why:

The faulty presupposition is that, if I share something today, I won’t have anything more to share tomorrow.

The truth is that there is a future, and a good future, and thus I will never run out of things to share . . .

Too, there is the fact that writing for a blog is a form of publication. Just because I am not getting paid for it does not mean that I am not publishing when I write for a blog.

Put another way: A lifestyle that allows me to write for free is a better lifestyle than one that requires me to get paid for writing.

One day I made a bouguet with flowers from our garden. Someone said to me, when they saw that bouquet, ‘Wow, Sue, you could be a flower arranger!’ And I thought, ‘Well, if someone makes a bouquet, that makes them a flower-arranger, doesn’t it?’

In other words: A person does not have get paid to do something in order to be successful at that thing.

And, in fact, a lifestyle that affords someone the freedom to do something for free is a very rich lifestyle indeed.

I’m just sayin’ . . .

Love always,



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