The Time Has Come

As I was listening to the radio the other day, I heard someone opine that people should be aware that he might not be on the air much longer. He said it very simply and without melodrama: ‘The way things are going, I might not be on the air much longer.’ He went on to say that the time might come very soon when free speech will be impeded to the point where people with views like his will no longer be allowed to have radio shows.

In 1988, upon the release of his book ­­Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie received death threats from muslim leaders. It seems he had written some negative things about the muslim ‘religion’ and he had to run for asylum in the United States.

What do these two things have in common? They both involve censorship.

And while you and I might not think that this sort of thing can happen in the good old US of A, we would be stupid in that assumption because it already has gotten to that point in our country. (For example, the recent Hate Crimes Bill makes it illegal to say certain things without censure.)

I am taking all of this to heart, folks, and I’ll tell you why: It really might get to where I cannot say what is on my heart and mind, so I think I’ll write some of those things now – things about which I have hesitated in the past because I didn’t want to offend anyone. The time has come to write plainly. It’s like that radio personality said: There might not be much time to write or say certain things . . . .

While the world seems to be focusing on Islam as the worst thing on earth, there is an organization that is much mightier and much more deadly and much more pervasive in this world: Catholicism. Catholicism has a blatant disregard for the Word of God. Catholicism is not a religion; it is a political party. (I would love to see a breakdown of the percentage of catholics who voted for pro-abortionist Barak Obama.) And while Catholicism is known for its anti-abortion stand, Catholicism is responsible for every abortion that has ever been committed in this world.

Catholicism doesn’t kill people; it destroys people, one day at a time. It anesthetizes people. It hypnotizes people. It is a doctrine of demons. They preach ‘another Jesus,’ as Paul writes, as recorded in the bible.

And another thing: Abortion is murder. Someone (a ‘good catholic’) told me that their conscience allowed them to vote for Obama because abortion is ‘just one issue.’ And I wish I’d said to them: And the killing of Jews was just one issue in Germany, too.’

Oh, oh! Just for the record: Lutheranism and Methodism and Baptismism (!) are also doctrines of demons. (As long as I am offending folks, I may as well include those people who think they are better than others because they are not catholic.)

I’m on a roll!! Here’s something else, too: Jesus said, ‘Without me, you can do nothing.’ I don’t care who you are or what you are or what you think you are all about, without Jesus, you can do nothing . . .

There! Now I have offended just about everyone. But I don’t care because that radio personality is right: There might not be much more time to speak plainly in this country.

I almost forgot: Homosexuality is perverse. Sorry. I didn’t mean to leave anyone out here! But let me go one step further for all of you who are smugly thinking, ‘Homosexuality has nothing to do with me’: Fornication ruins societies. Sleeping with someone to whom one is not married is fornication. I don’t care that our society thinks this sort of behavior is AOK; it is not.

There! I feel better now. At least now, if censorship in this country gets to the point where I cannot write such things, I will have already written some of what I know to be true. I just hope there is a place for me to run in the event that the US is no longer offering asylum to people who speak the truth . . .

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  1. faywray,
    You need to keep posting more frequently. Wind chimes… and whatnot!

    • Perhaps I will write for this blog more often in the future. I do know that certain things can serve as motivators, and perhaps that motivation will be there more often in the future.
      Thanks, Dinu, for being my friend.
      Sincerely (wtihout wax),

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