Sewing Room Side of Basement

This is somewhat how my sewing room looks now.

This is somewhat how my sewing room looks now.

Let’s see. Since this shot was taken I have changed a lot of things. For example, pictures now ring the whole perimeter instead of just being on the one wall. I changed the border, too – maybe more about that in a future post – and I covered the shelving units on this side and put my fabric out of sight in the back of said shelves.

I call the walls ‘watermelon walls’. I got the watermelon effect by using 2 colors of paint in one roller pan with one roller. And, yes, they do stay separated, at least enough to see the different colors.

Oh, did I mention that I have 7 sewing machines?

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New Home 2004 and Beyond

This is how this half of the basement looked before . . . .

This is how this half of the basement looked before . . . .

I had ever intention of blogging about creative things when I started this weblog. Instead, I began with family matters. (And it does!) Now I would like to re-focus my attention – it’s either that or start another blog just for creative endeavors, and that is just too ‘messy.’

I’ll go ahead and post this Before shot of my sewing room and then post a second, After, shot in another post.

PS: I should add that this room was ‘puke green’ when we moved in. My husband painted every wall in the house off-white immediately. We wanted to start with a fresh canvas. So this room was originally not off-white is all I’m tryin’ to say!

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Dad – Again

In the Garden with My Parents



I just talked to daddio on the phone. This is how the conversation went:

‘Hey, Dad! You said you want to write a book . . . . . so here’s the deal: You tell me what you want to write and I’ll type while you talk. Then I’ll upload it to a publisher and have it put into book form. Then you can buy as many copies (or as few) as you want and give them to your children …….’

So he says to me, ‘I changed my mind. I don’t want to write a book!’

I’m, like, ‘Dad! I’m willing to type it, edit it, get it published and everything! What a deal .. . .’

Then he says to me, ‘We were in Florida recently and no one has contacted us since we got back.’ And then he added, ‘No one’s interested . . . .’

So I’m like, ‘OK. Let me get this straight: You don’t want to write a book because you don’t think anyone is interested in what you have to say.’ And he said, ‘Yes.’

So! I’m sending this to you-all so someone – anyone, everyone – would know that dad would love to hear from you.


In the meantime, I’ll keep working on daddio about this whole book-writing thing . . . .

Hope this finds all of you well.

Mom and dad’s phone number: 740 725-1031

Love always,


PS: When dad told me, not long ago, that he was going to write a book, I said, ‘Cool! Then I could read it!’ And he says to me, ‘You’d have to buy the book if you wanted to read the story!’ So if I typed and edited his story for him, I wouldn’t have to buy the book after all. The apple, indeed, does not fall far from the tree!’

PPS: Dad also told me, just tonight, that he doesn’t want to write a book after all because . . . . . he might lie!!!

Too funny.

PPS: Please get this message to everyone in FL, etc. I don’t have Mary’s email address, for example, or Allie’s address, and so on.

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Hirneises Reunite After 35 Years


Hirneise Family Reunites

I guess it’s time to insert a photo of my siblings. The article says it all: This is our family. There were some people missing – notably, my husband Bill and sundry grandchildren, etc. But at least all the siblings were there, with mom and dad – something that my dad wanted to happen for many years, seeing all his children in one place again.

Some months ago, Dad told me he wants to write a book. So I called him tonight and told him I’d type his story if he wants me to . . . . And he told me he’s changed his mind; he’s not interested in writing a book any more. He went on to tell me that since he and mom got back from FL no one has contacted them. So I said, ‘So you’re saying no one would be interested in what you had to write if you did write a book. He said, That’s right. And he added, ‘Plus, I might LIE!’

Ladidah. End of story. He said he doesn’t want to think about the past. I told him he has a responsibility to tell his story if he has one to tell. He said no one would be interested. yadayadayada.

I tried, folks; I really did try to get him to cough up the scoop on his past. But he’s having none of it.

Oh, I told dad that if he doesn’t write this book, I will have to repeat his stories for everyone, and I went on to tell him that I might lie! But if that’s the way he wants it . . . .

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Daddio with Hubby


Here’s a pic of my husband  Bill with my dad – two of the most wonderful men in the world. Dad and hubby are a lot alike.

All men, I have found, want to be heroes. These two men are heroes to me.

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Dad In Our Yard, c. 2008

Dad In Our Yard, c. 2008

Ring! Ring! I awoke to the sound of the persistent ring of the telephone. I knew who it was before I picked up the phone: It was dad’s Job, calling him into work on his day off.

This was not unusual; it happened almost every time he was supposed to get a day off. But this day was different; On this particular day, I made a decision: I would give up on ever having a daddy.

Dad was always my hero – he still is – but I remember that decision like it was yesterday. I was tired of my hopes being dashed; I had to make that decision in order to keep my sanity: My dad would never be around when I needed him, and I decided to give up any hope in that regard.

Dad always claimed that he had to work all the time because he had so many mouths to feed. That was very confusing to me. I couldn’t have my dad around because I existed! At least that’s the way I saw it away back at the tender age when I made the decision to give up on having a daddy.

I know that many, many children are mistreated in a many different ways, and surely some are mistreated in ways that far exceeded my own trauma. But the tragedy in all of this is not in the extent of abuse, or abandonment, or neglect. No! The tragedy is in the fact that some children do not get what they NEED. In that, all children of neglect or betrayal, etc, have something in common: They all share that they did not get what they needed – attention, nurturing, etc.

I have the most wonderful dad in the whole world. (I don’t know what other people are doing for dads because I have the very best one!) All I’m trying to say is this: It would’ve been nice to have him around more when I was a child . . . .

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I can’t imagine a better place to start with blogging than with a blog about my mom. Let’s face it: I have more history with her than with any other human being.

I didn’t start to get along with my mom until I was in my mid-40’s – over 10 years ago. It’s a long story. Suffice it to say that I eventually called a detente and we started at that point.

I had a dream one time, in which I ‘saw’ just how enmeshed my mom is in my life. I had NO idea of this entanglement till I saw it in that dream. It was then then I began to realize that I have no choice in the matter: I must deal with issues between us or suffer the consequences – feeling of guilt and remorse.

I didn’t start out hating my mom. My earliest memories are of me, thinking my mom was wonderful. But then she did something that really upset me, and I didn’t forgive her for almost 40 years.

No, that is not accurate. It wasn’t that I did not forgive her; it was that I didn’t know what to do with her in my life. I’ve heard it said that we hit a target if we concentrate on it. So I had a dilemma: I did not want to become like my mom, but since I concentrated on her so much (in my hatred of her) I found myself emulating her almost against my will. In short: I was very confused!

It’s been said that hate is not the opposite of love, but, rather, indifference is the opposite of love. I have always loved mom – I have never come close to being indifferent to her.

I felt betrayed by my mom; that was the gist of the problem I had with her. The other feeling that I experienced in re to mom was . . . . . frustration. I felt loathe to be around her, but I missed her horribly when I was on the ‘outs’ with her. The whole thing remained an enigma to me . . ..

Then one day I realized that I did NOT have to make the same mistakes mom did, and that started me on the road toward a relationship with her.

I once asked a friend if she was going to make the same mistakes her parents did, and she replied, ‘No! I’m going to make my own mistakes!’ How true that is when it comes to me and my mom: In trying to avoid her mistakes, I made my own!

I quit!


Mom & I

Mom & I